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“Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”- Serious stuff or a step towards fame?

Posted by: Richa in: ● August 2, 2009

The secret is out… Elesh from Canada is the dulha for our Rakhi…
Rakhi Sawant, a controversial figure in our hindi film industry…
Cameras love her more than anybody else!
Controversies run behind her… She does not need to put an extra effort to create any sensation! Her presence is enough to set the ambience on fire…She has [...]

Rakhie Ki Shaadi…..

Posted by: Richa in: ● April 8, 2009

Nope! If you are guessing that Rakhie Sawant has patched up with her ex-boy friend, Abhishek Awasthi.. Then you are guessing it all wrong…
‘Coz Sawant has already moved forward, leaving behind Mr. Awasthi in Jhalandar! NO baba, he has not shifted to Jhalandar, after the heart break, but it is the name of his “comedy” [...]

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