Ghanchakkar- DoNot FORGET!

Ghanchakkar-Movie_ReviewThe shit, life gives us is not at all the worth of the turmoil and confusion we create for ourselves in order to earn money, (from hard work or through a bank robbery, doesn’t matter), is what Ghanchakkar is all about. Some situational comic scenes, a lot of disgust in a man’s life and a chase for money; Ghanchakkar will give you a nice time in the theatres to giggle and feel the helplessness that  FATE plans for Humans.  Even if we put in our lives on stake for something, we get just the right amount of what the cruel Destiny has kept for us in its stock.
When you go to watch a Vidya Balan movie, you ought to make a pre notion of it being a precise entertainer. Ghanchakkar does not fail to be one. A tight screenplay gives you few jumpings here and there. You keep on thinking about the next as something big but it turns out to be the simplest sequence of any movie. Ghanchakkar showcases the loose condition of a man who goes through full drama in his life, due to his memory loss.
Vidya Balan plays this typical Punjabi woman, the perfect fashion faux, who reads the fashion magazines but fails to pick up the right fashion for herself. Though she portrays that money hungry woman but has this womanly vulnerability, love and care for her husband. Imran Hashmi is no more a kissing king. He has shown a drastic improvement in his career. And from his last, Ek Thi Dayan, this is definitely a better choice for him. Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das, also have played their parts with full sincerity.
The end might seem to be a little abrupt for the Indian audience because we are used to see a happy and all confusions sorted out ending of our Hindi films. Ganchakkar ends in a chaotic manner displaying the message that we are simply dwarfs in front of THE POWER that is ruling the world.
All in all Ghanchakkar gave me a good chakkar of the theatre and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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