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FarahKiDawatSo many channels, so many fictions, so many reality shows and so much of competition! Everyone wants to be better than other! Hundreds of ideas and each one trying to be different. Amongst these NOT so soothing entertainers one more show has made its mark recently and that is “Farah Ki Dawat”. The show is filled with the glamor of Cinema, Television and Sports! Celebrities come and cook for Farah and in return fetch some really cool stuff sponsored by the organizers. It seems more of an award ceremony rather than the cookery show. The show attracts as it is a Farah Khan’s show.  Well! What about food, (the celebrities come and cook)? The way everybody cooks in the kitchen I am not too sure about the taste of the food! But the team definitely makes sure that it looks good on TV :)

Somehow this dawat has been a little dull for me. Farah Khan has given much better prior to this to the television industry. The most indigestive thing for me is the trail of gifts that is given to the people who already are very well capable to afford these things. I wish it could help the needy more, (definitely one of them is me) :) .

But the amicable ambiance in the kitchen between the host and the guest is surely its TRP.

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