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0 Bollywood and Diwali !!!

Bollywood and Diwali !!!

    Diwali is a special occasion for we Indians.. Lights, candles, sweets, the whole country would be busy enticing Devi Lakshmi for loads of money!! Obviously they say, “Money hai toh honey hai” But Diwali is a...
Posted on November 04, 2010 by Richa
0 Sridevi Vs. Mallika-Who a better Nagin???

Sridevi Vs. Mallika-Who a better Nagin???

    Whenever I think of films made on Naag Nagin (Snakes), the first name that comes in my mind is Sridevi. Though Bollywood has a trail of films based on the revenge of naagins, yet Sridevi had set an example that has...
Posted on October 21, 2010 by Richa
4 Crime In Bollywood

Crime In Bollywood

Bollywood and Glamor go hand in hand, and the statement does not need any proof. But apart from glamor, one more thing that has the privilege of companionship with Bollywood is, CRIME. Crime and Bollywood have now become synonyms of...
Posted on July 15, 2010 by Richa
2 Want GLAMOUR ????

Want GLAMOUR ????

Everything has a price in this world! If you want something, EASY! Pay and take it home… From a battery to refrigerator, clothes, accessories, gold, diamond and even GLAMOUR!! Yes glamour… Something that even overshadows...
Posted on June 24, 2010 by Richa

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