Want GLAMOUR ????

Everything has a price in this world! If you want something, EASY! Pay and take it home… From a battery to refrigerator, clothes, accessories, gold, diamond and even GLAMOUR!!
Yes glamour… Something that even overshadows the shine of a diamond!!
And what do our celebrities pay to get it?? Not money and paisa!! But their Privacy…

Privacy GONE! What left???



News channels these days can make news out of anything!! Who has an affair with whom? Who is wearing what brand shoes? Who called whom, a Dog? Actually no celebrity has been rescued from this. Not even the Big B! And the latest is his being the brand ambassador of Gujarat! But lets not go into this one…
What I am talking is, that one question that is unanswered and will remain so is, celebrities make controversies or controversies make celebrities???
But who cares?? Don’t we enjoy these controversies?? Yes we do! So, let us all have the ear for these controversies.. Don’t you agree with me that, they add SPICES in our KHICHADI life!!

2 Responses to Want GLAMOUR ????

  1. Well said, i think it’s a win-win policy for all 3 entities involved->
    1) w.r.t MEDIA – dis is there bread ‘n butter.
    2) Celebrities or future celeb- gain publicity
    3) w.r.t viewers like us- one more show.


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