Thats My “Queen”

queen movie reviewWho says the Hindi Cinema is all about men and their obsessions. Whenever, a film maker has decided to make a movie on a woman, the effort has come out really well and has been appreciated by the Box office. This women’s Day was a tough choice for the viewers as to go for Gulab Gang or for Queen? I decided to X-Ray Queen because the promos had an outburst of feminism inside me. And I do not regret the decision so far.

Though Queen serves you an old scenario, where a girl gets dumped by her fiancé and is all shattered. She leaves for Paris alone on the decided date of her honeymoon. But the twist is she does not have any hopes and desires to get the gone man back in his life. On her journey of trying to leave her past behind she meets some interesting people who are so different from her yet so similar. She goes through a makeover physically and mentally and in the end evolves as a Queen.

Queen is a one woman show of Kangana Ranaut, who plays a middle class typical Dilli ki obedient ladki. Her performance makes you feel happy. Rajkumar Rao is also convincible.

Queen is a mature film that gives you a chance to enjoy womanhood. There are no loud scenes and no long monologues. Everything is very subtle about the characters of the film. This subtleness makes the film speak out firmly about itself on the box office. I loved the film hope you also do!

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