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A stream of poor villagers who are scared and grief stricken with the monopoly of one rich surpanch and his spoiled daughter and then comes the Himmatwala, who like an one man army stands for the rights of his fellow people, family and truth. What else a typical Bollywood movie’s script demand from the writer. Ohh yes, one comedian cum bad man, some dhinchak hindi songs, non-digestible fight sequences and last but not the least a fight scene between the Himmatwala aka hero and the Tiger. And if something like this has already been shot in 1983 than in 2013, why not release a remake of this high voltage drama.

Films like these, do not demand great performances, neither do the audiences wish to see some out of the box dialogues or heart penetrating acting skills by the actors. Ajay Devgan has sure shot hit the bull’s eye by being the lead character or the Himmatwala, with his supreme energy and physique. Tammana the new actor in the block as got not much to do except giving tiring expressions throughout the movie. She does not appear too promising. Mahesh Manjrekar has done his best in whatever the story had offered him. But the man who steals away all the applauses and praises via his dedicated acting is definitely Paresh Rawal. Paresh portrays his character in the most miraculous manner and the audience just cannot get their eyes away from him. Other characters have been completely wasted in the movie.

When you go to watch a Sajid khan movie you better keep safe your brain at home and expect nothing but a complete Bollywood entertainer that will neither make you leave the theatre happy nor sad. Sajid’s passion to recreate the 80’s has been clearly captured in Himmatwala. The sets, costumes, and dialogues everything has been worked on with a complete dedication and do make the audience feel the aura and times that has been left far behind. But that is it! This Himmatwala cannot be remembered for anything else.

The film appears artificial at many points and appears stretched out too. Good cinematography, nice dances, some really good dialogues, stupendous comic timings and an unnatural drama keeps the Himmatwala a bit low on my list of favorites. It is definitely not a movie to be kept on your DVD shelf.


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