Cartoons and your Child


When you are a mother of a young child, cartoons is a big issue for you. Your child loves watching them and you cannot do anything, except raising your eyebrows and praying to God to give your child the brain to understand the illogicalities behind them. Well, I have been lucky that when my son got addicted to “Tom and Jerry”, he already knew that when you hit somebody with a pan, on his head that person is NOT likely to bounce back and stand up immediately without losing his consciousness. But what about the children who are watching these acts in such an age where they can’t even differentiate between the reality and fakeness of these cartoons.

Violence becomes a part of them since their childhood. Initially they think that pushing somebody will only lead to two-three rolls and nothing else. Later it becomes a habit.

Have you ever noticed that “Chota Bheem” is a completely biased series that showcases only one man show i.e. Bheem ofcourse. Whatever good is done- is done by only Bheem. All the competitions, fights, arguments are won by Bheem. The worst part of the series is Kalia & Dholu-Bholu. No matter how many times they do mistakes, they never learn from them. They are always the looser & get nothing in the end as Bheem takes away all the love & attention. Now my question is, is it practically possible?

As a teacher I have always been told “Every child is Unique”. Where is Kalia’s uniqueness?

Sonic, another channel, that makes me go mad, when my son watches it. Some distorted faces & a lot of fight, that’s all it is about.

Basically, I feel that all of these cartoon channels are snatching away the childhood of our children. Though it is not possible to keep this smart generation completely away from them but atleast have a sharp watch on what they are watching & getting involved into.

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