Befikre – The Review

befikreLust, kisses, sex and finally love – Befikre is a total amalgamation of bold scenes, body and humor. But what you miss throughout is that beautiful soul that you must have experienced years ago in DDLJ. Aditya Chopra’s Befikre is coated with the “too sweet” sugar syrup but fails to sit on your taste buds post interval. The beginning is macho, cool, generates laughter, some witty dialogues but after the interval all the good qualities minimalize gradually and you decide to take a few yawns in between.
What is extraordinary and most wonderful thing about Befikre? Yes, you guessed it right- Ranveer Singh. He is bang on with his great comic timing and energy. Ranveer gives his heart out to Dharam (his character). And what is the most disheartning thing about the movie? Yes you again guessed it right, its Vaani Kapoor. She is not only looking strange with the lip job but also looking a little “man” like. Inspite of her size zero figure, she gives you a repulsive vibe. She has worked hard on the movie but seems over doing the stuff just to shine under Yashraj Banner. Her mother in the movie has looked far beautiful than Shyra (Vaani). The story doesn’t touch your heart as it is predictable and you already feel like the story writer, yourself. One thing for sure is if you have ever dreamed of going to Paris but wouldn’t have made it till now because of no money / demonetization, Befikre is your free tour guide to Paris.
Aditya Chopra makes very few films and Befikre is definitely a wrong decision for him to direct. The movie is a onetime watch, of course with your girlfriend/boyfriend. As far as family matters, allow your dad-mom to watch it alone. As far as I am concerned I will prefer to give it a miss when is will make its “grand appearance” on television.

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