Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara




If I ask you do you remember the song, “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”.. You would say ofcourse I do remember!! Atleast for me this is one of the very few memories of my childhood.., that I recall clearly.. It was like a custom in many of our houses to watch the song on Doordarshan, every Sunday.. To watch so many starts in one song was like a treat. Almost every big name of that time featured in the song.. The song was a relish..
But gradually we lost connection with the gana and got busy with our lifestyle…
But now after so years, “Mile Sur..” has taken a new avtar.. Zoom has been showing the new version of the song, with new beats and Dhinchak list of stars… the makers have tried to make the song more grand and lavish! You name it and you have it!! From Amitabh to Abhishek to SRK to Salman to Dia Mirza to Sonu Nigam to Lata to Aishwasrya rai, etc… The list can go on and on…

And obviously if there are soo many stars in the song then the new version automatically becomes superbly lengthy!! And that’s the point where you feel that the older one was better… When I saw it for the first time, every moment I thought, now this is going to be the end… But I was wrong every time.. The song is so lengthy that you actually start getting bored after awhile!
Well, Nothing is permanent here.. what comes has to go! And what goes has to be revived..  So keep enjoying what you see and see what you enjoy! Adios…


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  1. I think whatever you are saying is true to a great extent…jo maza purane mein tha wo naye mein nahi hai…

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