Love Love Love !


When one falls in this extremely overwhelming and exciting state of emotion, the first thing that surrounds the minds, is the enormous number of romantic scenes / songs of our Hindi films. There have always been such times in everyone’s life that had made our imaginations run around the trees.
The Hindi films have showcased love as the most intense and maddening emotion, where the hero waits for his heroine till the “The End”, or even fights alone with the enemies (that could be the enemy Country too), like a one man army.
But has this intensity of the Glamor world been maintained in the Reality also?
The filmy aspect needs to been forgotten here, actually. Nobody in today’s world have the loyalties remaining within themselves that may make us linger onto that one person who marks to very first entry in our lives. And the most commonly used phrase that briefs the separation of a relationship is “It was not working out!”
Where the film industry has seen the inseparable jodies of ‘Dilip-Saira Bano’ , ‘Dharmendra-Hema’, ‘Amitabh-Jaya’. It has also witnessed the supposedly “made for each other long relationships breaking up like nothing has ever happened. Few example to be quotated are ‘Amir-Reena’, ‘John-Bipasha’, ‘Lara-Dorjee’, ‘Saif-Amrita’, ‘Shahid-Kareena’. Actually, the broken list is longer: sadly.
And now has come the news of Saif Ali Khan, and Kareena’s marriage, popularly known as ‘Safeena’, in October’12. Though the news of their fights has always been constant, they seem deeply & madly in Love with each other. Kareena’s tattoo on Saif’s hand says it all.
Safeena’s marriage is the most awaited marriage of Bollywood. And with the official announcement by Sharmila Tagore, many hearts must have been sunk into depression. But there must be a section of well-wishers too who will be praying for a long and successful married life for Saif and Kareena!

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