Sharvee Chaturvedi’s “Dil se talk”

sharvee-chaturvediWell if you have been following lately, you must have read my article on Sharvee Chaturvedi, a photographer who sees the world through the eyes of her camera. In this candid talk Sharvee speaks her mind on her passion for photography and other aspects related to her profession.


1. It is said that Technology , is a men’s game…but tell us some thing how does it play in the hands of a lady ? Especially when it comes to the profession of photography?
Technology is ever changing like life itself. Just like how we keep changing , growing and experimenting with life ,experimenting with gadgets and technology is no different. The key is knowing, understanding your inner voice and trusting your intuition. Trust me you may surprise yourself many times.

2. But do you think a female photographer’s point of view differ from the male photographer? How?
I feel that women pay attention to minute details and emotions. Not only emotions but macro point of view to things, people, places, etc. I can speak for myself and as a photographer minute details really attract me to capture in the frame. I also tend to focus on enhancing features a lot.
3. Sharvee why glamour and celebs only…why not wild life or rural life?
This is my first celeb calendar and the kind of theme I had in mind for this one , I deeply felt that only an actor can do justice to the stories I wanted to tell through images. All the actors who have featured in my calendar have given their best to portray my mind. But I do enjoy doing fine art photography and plan to put an exhibit of my fine art work very soon.

4. How do see the scope of females pursuing this profession…I mean success rate?
I feel success is personal.The fact that coming from small town, choosing a profession like photography, having the liberty to make mistakes have really helped me to grow as a person. Making decisions pertaining work  choices and meeting new people and artists brings a lot of maturity as an artist. The fact that I could even put something like “Bollywood Tomorrow” as a theme brings immense satisfaction . People liking it would be the cherry on the cake.

5. What would you have opted if not photography…and why?
I really enjoy dancing because that is also a great channel to express yourself and creativity at the same time , so that would definitely be the path i would have taken. But i still plan to pursue it because art has no boundary.

SO true! Art has no boundary. Way to go Sharvee!

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