Kapil Sharma


Kapil Sharma is a name that brings a smile on almost every Indian face, may it be a common man or a celebrity. If you have never been entertained by this man who has the best comic timing in the country than you automatically befall in the circle of those shameful Indians who have nothing but the worst of all to talk about the Nation.

Kapil Sharma is a revolution on Indian television who has made us forget the saas-bahus-tears and  the absurd news channels completely. Almost everyone of us and every channel too, wants to see and show Kapil Sharma somehow.

And I would not be surprised if I would come to know patients who do not need to go to doctor, but the best medicine for them is Kapil’s show. There might be so many people who must  have started to wake-up happy and elated on the Monday mornings, only because they want the week to pass as soon as possible so that they get a chance to watch Kapil on the weekends.

Kapil Sharma is a blessed man because whatever he says and does turns into a laugh riot. From the grand winner of laughter challenge to the huge success of comedy circus and now the star of Comedy  Nights with Kapil, this man has shinned more and more everyday and have been able to have a fan following of a wide range,  from children to youngsters to the oldies.

He has won the hearts of everybody; Kapil Sharma is a true genius who has been born to spread laughter, without any doubt.

This journey of Kapil Sharma has not been so smooth and has been filled with ups and downs but his determination and love for his work made him achieve this unfathomable success who is at bars with any other big celebrity in the country.

Reeelworld wishes Kapil more power and has no sympathies for his burnt set of Comedy Nights With Kapil, because we know that the man has all the strength to get up and start a fresh without being shattered and down. Sets and money are not here to stay forever, but Kapil Sharma you are here to definitely stay and make us all laugh like mad.

8 Responses to Kapil Sharma

  1. i want to watch comedy night with kapil at live studio.
    but i dont know how am i do?,& where,when?
    can you inform me…plz

    • hey Ken, seems u r a strong fan of Kapil. Reelworld hopes that your wish comes true asap! you can follow @ComedyWkapil or @KapilSharmaK9 on twitter can ask them for the details that how can u participate live in their show.

      • Kapil's Well Wisher


        I’m a big fan of KAPIL.
        Basically I’m doing JOB in Chandigarh. I don’t have telivision in my flat so I bought new cellphone with 5.3 inches screen specially to watch online comedy nights with kapil. (usually spend 2-3 GB within a week specially for his show)
        “Wish to add kapil in my regular contacts”. //(My name is with my email id).
        Couldn’t come to watch his LIVE show :( :( :(

        • hey Surabhi, seems u r a strong fan of Kapil. Reelworld hopes that your wish comes true asap! you can follow @ComedyWkapil or @KapilSharmaK9 on twitter can ask them for the details that how can u participate live in their show.

    • contact Akash on 9867429310 for slot booking of comedy nights. Or tweet @comedynightsk9

  2. Kapil's Well Wisher

    Kapil is comitted… :O :’( :’(

    Lucky Girl She is :) :)

  3. I’m a huge Kapil fan !
    May god bless him with all the happiness he deserve as he makes the world laugh.
    He has a style which makes us laugh, even if he cracks a heard joke, it makes me laugh like anything. I enjoy his all the shows so much. Stay blessed Kapil and make the world laugh the same way :)
    Good Luck :)

  4. I m in new york n i always wait curiously for d weekend to watch ur show.u make me laugh n happy,may God bless u with success n happiness for that deed.

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