RIP Rituparno Ghosh


Art and Cinema is a world of MAD people, they say. Highly interesting personalities, strong statements, and bold public appearances, all these things in a way, run parallel to creativity, sometimes true and sometimes a publicity gimmick.

But few people have the courage to break every shackle that come across their life path as a barrier. Rituparno Ghosh was one of them. A true example of a ‘Bold’ and ‘Weird’ film maker, Ghosh always had an aura around him that made him appear a little hatke in Tolly as well as Bollywood. A favorite of all, he made cinema that was loved by all, no matter whatever the language was.

Always drooling up with ideas, his mind was never at rest. The people who have known him say that every time they met him he has a script or an idea or a story to tell that was not only interesting but ofcourse had a personality of its own, the personality which was a part of Ghosh, himself. Bold but Beautiful!

Searching about him I came across an interesting fact, Ghosh throughout his life objected the norm that a Man can not wear what only a Woman has the right to carry. He had been so many times seen wearing danglers, Kajol or dressed up like a woman. He had been many a times heard quoting that he is neither a man nor wants to become a woman but he loves to celebrate his sexuality. Not many people in the world would consider the statement acceptable. But he did it with all the dignity and valor!

His sudden demise has come up as a shock to the filmy Duniya. We will never be able to see the good work of this astonishing personality. The creativity has come to an end at an early age and is definitely a big loss for Ghosh’s fans. His past works will speak volumes all through our lives but we would miss onto many other creations that must have been in his thoughts and were ready to be born.

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