Monday October 10th 2011

Movie Review: Delhi Belly



Aamir Khan’s declaration that Delhi Belly was going to ‘destroy the image created in 10 years’ caught my eye. News about him requesting the censor board to pass the film with an ‘A’ certificate thus avoiding any cuts to the film managed to raise an eyebrow but we all know what an amazing marketing genius Aamir really is I mean who can forget the Ghajini haircut every cinema usher in India sported in 2008.

The language of the youth in India today has been captured perfectly. Delhi Belly dares to show a side of the youth in India today that is not sugar coated as is shown in majority of the Bollywood films. This has not only added a sense of realism to the film but allowed the most gross and serious scenes in the film to be captured humorously making ways for smiles and laugh out loud moments.

The Delhi Belly script is the true hero of the film alongside the dialogues. The one liners in the film are not only ingenious but entertaining in every sense of the word. I can only say that the 19 drafts that were written by Verma were worth every page.

Abinay Deo’s second venture as the director is fast and the synchronisation with the screenplay is evident. The plot is not lost anywhere – which is a risk when making films that have an ensemble cast. Deo has managed to pull of a feat that many aspire to but few have achieved.

The chemistry between all the members of the cast is fantastic, but in all honesty it is the three male leads who steal the show. The entire film revolves around them and their antics and I would love to see them star again in another comedy.

The art direction of the film is good, camera work is perfect as it manages to transport the audience to the situations being shown with ease and the editing is second to none. Though only two of the songs are shown in the film (‘Jaa Chudail’ and ‘I hate you’), all the videos that have been released are well thought out with the choreography being well executed.

Delhi Belly is not without its faults. I have to mention that it is not your typical Hindi film. Some will either love this or hate this. The concept is not entirely original. It is not the first time that a Hindi film has been inspired by Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

There are also a few holes in the script that are glaringly obvious when seen as visual situations on the screen. The film is also part of a new trend that seems to be emerging with crossover cinema with the film being 80% in English and 20% in Hindi, and that 20% is Hindi swear words. This means that Delhi Belly is a film that is best suited to the urban classes, which rules out all of rural India when it comes to looking at recovery of the Rs30 Crores.

The second point is, that though Aamir and Imran have maintained that the content of the film is only for adults and not kids and there is no obvious skin show, there are a couple of scenes in the film that would make you a little uncomfortable if you were watching them with your parents right next to you.

All in all I would say that Delhi Belly is one of the most original comedies to come out of Bollywood this year and say it is one of this summers must watch films.


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