Unwinding the “Gutthi”


Gutthi is the true face of Indian bhenji turned mod of our culture. She is a woman of substance who has a heart of Gold. She can never think of doing anything wrong or hurt anybody. Whatever she does is correct and is from her heart. She has huge aspirations; she flies high in her dreams, which cannot be demolished by anyone.

Gutthi is brave, confident, and is the woman of India. Gutthi is happy in whatever she gets. Gutthi is mature with a heart of a child within. Gutthi is an individual who can never lose her identity and will never step onto others. She blossoms in the hearts of every Indian. She represents the simplicity of an Indian woman. She is open to new ideas and avenue. A great sense of humor she can never fade away with time. Gutthi is here to stay, rule the hearts and make your every moment special with her presence.

Gutthi is magic, Gutthi speaks volumes, Gutthi is innocent, Gutthi is adorable, Gutthi is sweet, Gutthi is loved by all, more power to Gutthi, more power to @WhoSunilGrover

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