“Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”- Serious stuff or a step towards fame?

The secret is out… Elesh from Canada is the dulha for our Rakhi…
Rakhi Sawant, a controversial figure in our hindi film industry… Cameras love her more than anybody else!
Controversies run behind her… She does not need to put an extra effort to create any sensation! Her presence is enough to set the ambience on fire…She has a magnetic quality that pulls the TV cameras towards her automatically… The TRP of news channels, touch the sky, when Rakhi becomes news for them.
Reality shows become more spicy, with Rakhee in them!!!
No matter how irritating she might appear to a section of society, the Truth is- Nobody has missed “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”, (If not the complete show then there curiosities must have forced them to watch “Rakhi Ki Shaadi” in bits and pieces…)
But the question is, Is the show for Real? Are the contestants for Real? Are they really in love with Rakhi or vice-versa? Do they really want to marry her? Or it is just a stunt to get noticed?
What I think is that most of the contestants had their selfish motives, (of becoming famous), and the Swayamvar was only a SWAYAM-WAR for them… Manmohan Tiwari was one Jisse Rakhi ne kiya benakaab…
Infact one of the 3 finalists Chittiz also told Rakhi that he takes her as a good friend and is not in love with her YET, (When the show had reached its finale)… Then why did he come on the show?
The uneasiness of the mothers was also visible clearly during the show. Their fake smiles, screamed out loud, what their hearts really wanted…, “Hey Bhagwan, Rakhi Sawant aur meri bahu, Nahi Nahi Nahi!!!”
And on the last day, the happiness of the two families, whom Rakhi did not select, was more prominent then the Parujanwala’s… That’s what I feel!!!
Well, I hope to be wrong and wish Rakhie and Elesh a very happy and a looooong married life…
One more thing I want to say is that Rakhi Sawant could have dressed a bit more decently on the occasion, like a true Indian bride…

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