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Rustam-E-Hind, King kong, The Legendary Hanuman, Wrestler, Rajya Sabha member and everything that a woman will imagine her soul mate to be, took his last breath today (12th july2012). If you have not yet been able to recognise that about whom am I talking then you have
been totaly unaware of the fact (being the Gen X) that the man who
very worthly gained the title of the first He-man of the Hindi Film Industry is no one else but the Late Dara Singh Randhawa. 84 years of age, Dara Singh left the world, to rest in Peace, today morning, at his


A Jat Sikh from Punjab, Dara Singh was the most famous wrestler of his times. He represented India as a “Pehlwan”, during his younger days, in many foreign countries, only to make Hindustan proud.

As a hero his debut film was “King Kong” which portrayed him as a wrestler itself, as he knew nothing else. Later on he proved himself as a known face in Bollywood too. His Jodi with Mumtaz became the dream Jodi of many of the young boys and girls, in the Black and White Zamana. They did almost 16 films together; remarkable of those times. Dara Singh always had a balanced career graph, throughout his life. A famous wrestler, Hero, Character artist, Politician and also a T.V. artist, he took every thing that came in his way, at the right time.. And of-course his Hanuman (Ramayana) became a landmark in the history of Hindu Epic Adaptations. Apart from this people would always remember him for being the coolest dada ji advising the family, “Garmi ho ya sardi; Sunday ho ya Monday; roz khao Ande.” Father of a not so famous son, Vindu (Bigg Boss winner), Dara Singh was last seen in “Jab We Met”, 2007.

Reel World pays a Tribute to this Legendary artist with all the respect and love and wish his soul to Rest in Peace.

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