Saturday June 30th 2012

Do you have a mind to mind ?



Television these days has become a household name. This Idiot Box is now no less than a living being, with whom we cry, we laugh, we feel sad and we dance too.

Though the rage now-a-days are the reality shows but fiction has also been successful in grabbing people’s attention, especially the female clan.

Neither these “Superlatively boring” and “melodramatic”  sagas come to an end nor do they leave us with enough wisdom of choosing NOT to watch them. We are not left with a second option but to sit intact in front of the bunch of some nonsense characters and fall as a victim to these hungry animals(serials) who only fetch for our TRPs. Each and every moment we devote to the senseless television, we move closer to the commercial aspect of our life.

The kind of lifestyle these serials force us to lead, has not only ruined the innocence of the younger lot. But has also affected the charm of the older generation.

Yeh Rishta kya kehelata hai, Pavitra Rishta, Pratigya, Choti Bahu, Sas Bina Sasuraal, Dekha Ek Khwaab, Uttaran, Na Aana Is Desh Laado are very few of them to be named.

I do not blame the makers or the channels for showcasing such trash for year after year. But we are the ones to be blamed for supporting and giving away our precious time for these serials.

Knock Knock! Its time to think from our own mind guys!

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