Policegiri: Mind it!



If you are a Sunjat Dutt fan then set your eyes rolling on some funny one liners, some flying stunts, some Salman like tantrums and a fat, bulky, old looking but He-man Police officer who is upto his Policegiri to eliminate the corruption from the society . He is a Public Servant, accepts bribe (for the upliftment of the society, *mind it*), dates a girl who is almost half of his age and dances like a robot. That is all about Policegiri. A perfect masala Box Office commercial flick that leaves you with the suggestion of a sequel and you leave the theatre thinking, once Sunjay is out of jail he will be busy shooting for it.

Prachi Desai has nothing much to do in the film accept some few hanky panky scenes. She looks good with a thick layer of make up. Prakash Raj has become a Diploma holder in playing the perfect villain who takes his good share of comedy too in the films. In Policegiri too he plays this corrupt politician who loves music.

Plocegiri doesn’t hold a significant reason to be watched though. It is an old wine in a new bottle. Sunjay looks old and his rotten set of teeth ads more dullness on his face.

All in all Policegiri is a onetime watch and has the capability to make you laugh but is definitely not a movie to be remembered for a long time.

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