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I had a gala time watching the girly Extravaganza by Karan Johar, called, “Gippi”. The Crushes, the insecurity, the desire to set free, and to fall in love, each one of us has gone through these emotions at some time or the other and Gippi makes you relive those moments.  The movie has been directed by Sonam Nair.  It deals with the everyday problems that the girls face, especially in their growing up years. Physical, psychological, outer, inner, social, and many other aspects that mark the conversion of a teenage girl into a graceful lady, have been showcased throughout the movie.  It talks about a fat but cute 14 years old girl and her inhibitions that are related to her ‘Not so cool’ image in the school. Gippi showcases the madness of the teenage period.

The movie is a fresh bouquet of some new faces. The innocence of the actors will keep you smiling throughout the length. Riya Vij, (Gippi), has looked pretty and seems promising. The rawness of the new actors helps them act more natural. Divya Dutta has been good and her natural self, as always.

The screenplay runs smooth throughout. There is nothing unpredictable about the movie, you know it before hand, yet the movie does not drag. The story gives you a little tickle every now and then which is enough to bind you with the plot. There is no visible glitch in the screenplay and gives you a soothing experience.

The film will make you cry, smile and take you back to the days when the only concern for you in life was being ‘IN’. It talks about the complications of the relationships that are created by the man, himself and how easily these complications can be resolved in life, just by being yourself. It is a light hearted venture and will stay with you even after you leave the theatre. Gippi will make you feel good about yourself and the people around you. To cut it short, Gippi says, no matter how different we are from outside, from inside we all are the same.

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