Twitter pic gets Bips in trouble

by Richa on February 23, 2011

There is outrage over a picture Bipasha Basu posted on her blogging site on Monday. The actress displayed a picture of her feet with two young girls bending over to tie her shoelaces.
She wrote, “I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarassed that I can’t! No patience.. grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon,” and tagged it with the picture.
This was followed by a barrage of comments about child labour. Under fire, Bips hastily deleted the tweet but forgot to erase the picture. It was only later that the photo went missing from her micro-blogging site.

‘Sorry y’all!’
She later tweeted, “Well the people helping me in the pix are my friend and sister, who I help often with the same! So am sorry if it hurt anyone’s sentiments!,” she tweeted.

Glad that Miss Basu realized her mistake and rectified it

Bipasha has two sisters who are grown-up, Bijoyeeta is married with a kid while Bidisha is studying abroad.
Bipasha Basu could face serious charges. The Indian Child Labour act says law breakers could face one month to 12 months in jail . According to Article 24 of the Indian constitution, “No child below the age of 14
years shall be employed to work.”

When someone tweeted the Bipasha Basu pic to Amitabh Bachchan. he replied by sayinG: “Why would you assume that these are a film stars feet ..!!”
A while back Paris Hilton was also involved in a similar situation when she had put up a tweet pic of a young girl massaging her legs. After an uproar, she had apologised.

“The picture was taken at my home. The pair of boots are a difficult pair so my sister and my friend were helping me and I thought it looked damn funny and took the picture as a joke! Don’t we girls help each other while getting ready with dress, make up, hair shoes etc? Is it something new or unheard of? A picture put for fun and humour got picked up by people as ‘child labour’ is absolutely unbelievable. Just so that all get it right: neither of the two are children. Also ‘child labour’ is a serious issue that can’t be used in such a light connotation. I wish that the ones who created such a furore and reacted immediately, actually do something worthy against child labour.”

Source: NDTV


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