Akki being Naughty!!!!

Can you guys imagine what apna Akki bhaiya, yani ki Akshay Kumar did on the ramp of Lakme Fashion Week, recently…….?????? I guess no one can, unless you have witnessed the scene from your eyes….  Waise toh Akki has also been notorious for his deeds and number of girlfriends, throughout his filmy career… But recently he crossed all the limits of his boldness on the ramp… He asked a girl, from the audience, to open his jeans ka button … Yeaaahhhh…. That was sooooooo absurd and idiotic…

Don’t know how much he was paid to do the stuff..?? Might be a lot of money.. And if not then God knows how Twinkle would have reacted on her husband’s bold attitude????? Akki, now a days is also facing a lot of criticism for his not so decent dialouge bazi in the movie, “Kambakht Ishq”.. The censor board has even asked the producer- director to chop off certain bad words from the promos… GOD help the movie now!!!!

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  1. very bad Akshya…..

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