Phekology works for TRPs…

Artistic license!!!! That has always been the word, for showing all rubbish on the screens, whether Big or Small..

The Directors, do not go with the logic of WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW????? And you know what..?? This works.. YES it works…

And these days it is working for the Colors’ show, “Shri Krishna“. Ask the Director- Writer of the show, how a sweet, cute, adorable, darling, li’l kid’s popularity is bhoonofied, in a show to increase the TRPs.

The li’l girl, who is playing the role of Lord Krishna’s chilhood has been succesful in maintaining a high viewership, for the show and the channel.

Seems, the serial is running only for her…

The director has gone to such an extent that he has begun to add such stories, associated to the childhood of Shri Krishna, which actually never ever existed. Atleast not many people have heard about them.. And the few who might have heard these stories- God knows where do they exist???

And the way apne Kansa mama has been potrayed, is unbelievable.  A Tyrant Kansa has been shown as a psychotic, neurotic and fearful Raja, whom the  li’l Krishna is always making a fool. Kansa is soooo afraid of the li’l chap that he has even danced for him..

Every little story in the show has been turned into a chewing gum, which the audience, enjoy to munch, munch and munch…. But thats the way our Indian audience is like…


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  1. Pranjal on said:

    that was really informative :)

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