Cinema: A Delight


In the world of despair, cheats, filth, tension and traumas entertaining people is a hell of a superb business. And when we talk about entertainment what else than films, we can think of. And if anything that can make you sit quietly forgetting the outer world, is definitely a good cinema. Well everybody has a different definition for “good cinema”, some may like the cheeky comedy drama, some may find solace in the “art” cinema that is ofcourse not made for Box office success.

The ‘latkas’ and ‘jhatkaas’ that are showcased on the Big screen gives goose flesh to so many people while some people are contented with the highly romantic lyrics sung by the lovers, on the Big “parda”. Every kind of cinema has a section of its followers. May be that is the reason why so many movies are made in this film industry every year.

And not only watching cinema is a delight but dreaming about cinema is also the favorite pass time of we people. Being an actor, singing songs, dancing or merely imagining to marry our favorite actor is what people from every walk of life do. A great cinema induces sense of joy and enthusiasm in the hearts of people.

Let us all enjoy and celebrate the 100 years of hindi cinema and keep watching the good movies made from high compassion love and toil.  ‘Hindi Cinema ki Jai’.




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