Interview:Vineet Saxena,Ranji Champion



There are very few lucky ones in this world who are blessed to decide at a very early stage in their career that what is it that they actually want to live for. And when passion teams up with hard work, it gives amazing results. Vineet Saxena is one of this lot. He was teen ager, when he played his first professional match in the under 19 team, representing India! He had to never look back after that. Playing cricket since a very early age and wishing to play the game, till he has the power. Recently I got fortunate to have a candid chat with the player himself, Vineet Saxena. Well, for the people who do not follow Cricket on State level, here is a short introduction of the player for you, Profile Of Vineet Saxena .

As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; the man lives the phrase from beginning to end. A cricketer in the Ranji team he plays for Rajasthan.

“Who does not like to be famous?” he said very calmly. “It is a pleasure and an honor to be a part of Ranji Trophy, represent your state (Rajasthan), play for it and win! But playing on a National level does make things different in many ways.” Facing all the attention these days Saxena also feels upset about the careless attitude of Media. “We are getting all the hype and attention because we won. Otherwise Media has always been indifferent”, he complained.

It has been 2 years consecutively that Rajasthan is winning the Ranji Trophy. But Vineet Saxena this year shinned very brightly in the finals, by hitting the first double century of his career. When I asked him about the state of mind with which he enters the ground, he stated very convincingly, “I try to be as calm and composite as possible, because the moment runs come inside your mind, your game is definitely going to be ruined.” “I do not think about the future, neither am I bothered from my past, I prefer to be in the present. I plan for ball to ball and moment to moment.”

Aiming for the National Cricket Team, the enthusiastic player says, “Failures make me stronger. After all nobody is perfect. Whenever I am not able to perform well, I review myself more closely. I get to know on what are the things I need to work on. What are my drawbacks? Failures give me the zeal to work harder.”
Deprived of any other male member in the family, as Vineet saxena lost his father sometime back, he heartily thanks his family for being corporative. “As my job demands too much of travelling, the times when I am at home are very few. But I have got a lovely mother and wife, who have been kind enough to never complaint about the respective fact. Though it is tough for them sometimes but they understand.”
Just became a responsible father of a cute little girl, Vineet saxena also knows the responsibilities of being a player that too much depend on how fit you are! And I ended this wonderful conversation, with his mother telling me about how he avoids rice and sweets these days, to remain healthy!
Wish to meet him soon sometime! And all my wishes for his bright career!

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