Indian voting system!!

Yes, India is the largest democratic country.. But here I am not going to tell you about the voting procedure, during our elections, but I am talking about, the voting system in our Television industry….

As you must have been aware, that almost all our reality shows have this voting funda, in which the viewers vote for their favourite contestants, so that they may win the contest.. (remind you, voting is done for the favourite contestant, and not for the one who deserves to be in the top list)…

Jhalak Dikhlaja-3 is no exception!… Karan Singh Grover, who has a huge female fan following has come amongst the three finalists of Jhalak..(Well I think he dances like an empty jhola, (bag), who needs to be filled with a lot of wazan, (weight)..

And the one who had to bear the consequences of not being sooooooo popular in the Indian houses, is Gauhar Khan, ( thankfully she has proved herself as a surviver, and is one of the finalists, inspite of the scarcity of votes, throughout the show)….

Another deserving participant, who had to see the exit door, ofcourse due to less votes, is Hard Kaur

My question is, that, why can’t the viewers see the difference between good and not so good?? Why do the hard working and deserving participants always come in the “danger zone”?

And why some people, only on the basis of their popularity, get the maximum votes.. (which actually they do not deserve)….

Jhalak Dihklaja-3 is not the only example… their are many more… Infact Jhalak-1 had Mona Singh as its winner, inspite of Shweta Salve, (who I think was a better dancer), But Jassi’s (Mona Singh), popularity made her win the show..

Similarly in Jhalak -2, Sandhya Mridul had to lose, only on the accouints of not being so popular as her co-contestant, Prachi Desai, (Bani of Kasamh Se..)...

Another question that arises in my mind.. Is this voting system really authentic?? Or the channel moulds the counting of the votes, according to their ease, to increase their TRP??

Whatever may be the case is, according to me there should not be any public voting, and the desicions should only base on the fare and unbiased judgement of the judges… what say??

3 Responses to Indian voting system!!

  1. I guess all dis voting n ppl`s verdict is a big sham, channels do everything to inc der TRP …….its been observed on every Reality Show ….. remember Indian Idol 1st season Rahul Vaidhya had to leave n we all knew hes the Best even the contestants wer shocked …… it irony or call it luck gud ppl have always been shown doors ………i Like Mtv Roadies better in dat pplz verdict is minimal N Raghu rocks n gud ppl get to stay on board Like Sufi dis time he was gud n Raghu made sure he gets his due ……….

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