Twinkle’s Funny Bones

Well as a die heart fan of Hindi Films and its people any news related with this field attracts us to a great extent. One such news sprung few days back when Twinkle Khanna came out to be a book writer from an entrepreneur. I have always admired Twinkle, not because she is a great actor but because she has always genuinely admitted that she cannot act. It takes wit to mock others but it takes deep courage to mock oneself.

“Mrs. Funnybones” is an extension of her personality as a wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, business woman and writer. She has very conveniently wrote about the small events of day- to-day life that turn out to be laugh generating, satirical anecdotes. And as an outsider (who is interested to know what happens in the lives of the stars), we love to read about these short incidents and suddenly discover; “she is like me”.

“Mrs. Funnybones” is a true encounter of an autobiographical account that Twinkle has gifted to a typical genre of readers, (not everyone can enjoy it). The best part about the book is that it is not a hefty affair on your budget. It is a simple and not so expensive edition on the book shelf, which you will enjoy reading.

The end of the cover marks an elegant picture of Twinkle Khanna with a sparkle in her eyes and a nest of ghanne-lambe bal (long-thick hair- a treasure acquired from her mommy, Dimple).

Twinkle was one of those actors who inspite of a great legacy cold not make big in the industry- realized it on time and evolved as a successful woman, in the field in which she was actually better.

I have already laughed with the book twice and if you belong to the same group go and grab your copy.

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