Does this really helps????



You must be thinking what?? Guys I am talking about humare filmy stars campaigning for the elections…. Yeah! Everybody from Salman Khan to Amir Khan to Sanjay Dutt is busy marketing for the candidates in the elections.. And I guess many more will do the same, if given a chance..

The Bollywood stars and the Politicians have become so involved with each other that who is over taking what, has become a matter of discussion..

Actors becoming Politicians and Politicians moving towards the silver screen is becoming common now-a-days!

This has gone to such an extent that, apne Amar Singh ji ka house had been converted into a set, for uncle Dev Anand’s upcoming venture….

But the question is, would all this really help the country to witness a government, which would really work for the benefits of the people..????

Would anybody go to cast his vote to a deserving candidate, only ‘coz Amir Khan has told him to do so (on Television)?

Would people really vote for the deserving candidates or will they go for the ones, whom their favorite actor is endorssing??

All these questions might remain unanswered for years and years, but if the common man really wants to get out of this confusion then it is necessary to follow only one rule, i.e., “Dikhave par mat jao, apni akal lagao”

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