Wednesday September 14th 2011

Movie Review: Bhindi Baazaar Inc

The underworld account has been kinda overdone in Bollywood to an extent that the once uncharted underbelly has, today, become familiar fiction onscreen. While Bhindi Baazaar Inc. too doesn’t break new grounds in terms of its story; it scores on its gripping storytelling style, some smart twists in its narrative and in creating an authentic aura of its Bhindi Baazaar backdrop.

Cutting back and forth into continual flashbacks, the storytelling is quick, crisp and engrossing and often uses analogy with the game of chess to establish its characters and their conflicts.

The characters and the situation, that writer Ghalib Asad Bhopali pens, seem absolutely real and riveting. Debutante director Ankush Bhatt shows immense potential in handling the film with the level of dexterity it demands. He incites interesting drama in the dynamic proceedings and the slang-n-sharp dialogues add to the intensity.

Actress Vedita Pratap Singh is upset by a video leaked in the internet. The unedited clip from the movie Bhindi Bazar Inc. features intimate lovemaking scene with the actor Prashant Narayan. Although the scene will be featured in the movie, Vedita says that the scene in the movie will not look that awaked.Vedita says that the video will cast a negative image to the model-turned-actress.
Though the overall story is predictable, some smart twists keep popping up at regular intervals thereby adding variety to the narrative.  Some original sequences like the shocking shemale episode or the premeditated spread of flu virus through syringes add resourceful realism to the film. The actual locations where the film is shot add to the authenticity.

The Fateh-Tabrez camaraderie pretty much reminds of Bhiku Mhatre-Satya companionship from RGV’s cult underworld drama Satya (1998). Like Bhiku, Fateh aspires to be the uncrowned king of the city while Tabrez underplays his part like Satya. Mamu’s first meeting with the drug-dealing company seems a scene straight out of another RGV film – Sarkar (2005).

Several subplots in the film end abruptly only to be continued later with strategic flashbacks, resolving every minute detail and leaving nothing ambiguous or abstract. Despite the wide array of characters, each one has well-etched conflicts and smartly culminated tracks. Like Tabrez’s romance track seems a deterrent initially in the underworld gang-war drama but holds distinctive relevance in the climax. Also the twist in the Deepti Naval track where she regains her powerful position is witty. The pacing is fast and doesn’t give you time to sit back and notice any loose ends.

The film boasts of impressive performances from the entire cast. Pawan Malhotra is authoritative and speaks volumes through the intensity of his eyes. Prashant Narayanan is in splendid form with an author-backed role and plays his part with the requisite chutzpah. Debutante Gautam Sharma is supposed to take a backseat in histrionics and impresses with his restrained and confident act. Kay Kay Menon adds the requisite aura and poise to his extended cameo character. Piyush Mishra and Deepti Naval are commendable. Vedita Pratap Singh is effective in her negative role. Shilpa Shukla doesn’t get much scope. Jackie Shroff does fine in his special appearance but why carry that jaded look?

Bhindi Baazaar incorporates strong performances and smart storytelling to make a regular story riveting. Worth a watch!



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