Tuesday October 11th 2011

Salman in a mouth freshner ad!

Salman Khan is in news again.. No, not for any drunk and drive act, but this time for doing an ad for a mouth freshner…

It was thrilling to see Salman in a, chlormint “Dubara Mat Puchna“, ad alongwith Sohail Khan... A kiddy ad, Salman and Sohail’s duo has made the ad interesting…

Seems Salman has realized his social responsibilities and has now decided to breakaway from his past…

On the coming episode of Dus Ka Dum, you will see Salman, defending Rakhie Sawant and telling Mika, (he had bad memories associated with Rakhie), that Rakhie is a nice girl and has worked really hard to come up on the level, where she is right now… And that he has tremendour respect for her…

Amidst the speculations of Salman- Katrina breakup, (though both of them have been denying it), and the not so good condition of Salman’s dream project, “Veer“, I hope Dus Ka Dum and the chlormint ad might prove as a freshner in his life..


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