“Ramu Kaka” of our Hindi Films

Well who doesn’t need a helping hand in their day to day lives? Everyone I guess! When we talk about a servant / maid in a home, we see a young, energetic and a quick chap who is able to obey whatever has been told to him with almost a blink of an eye.
But unlike our real life servants, Hindi films carry a completely different image of these highly loyal characters who are, ready to die for the family, an important member of the Parivaar and sometimes the comic angle or the tragic tadka of the screenplay. In brief the “Ramu kakas” of our Hindi Film Industry. A weak built, serving from past many years without getting tired and willing to have a job change is the image that comes in our mind instantly.
Well there are few faces that appeared on and on in films to portray this role of a servant. The very concept of this character has been emerged as a vital stat in many of our old hindi films. Whether it demanded the love fountain for the ignored kid in some stories or sympathizing with the newly wed Bahu of the Khandan who ofcourse is the object of hatred for her saas. The Raamu Kakas have always had the soft corner for the dominated characters of the screenplay. In many a films they had to bear the blame of some theft too that was not done by them obviously.
All in all the character has been an integral part of the films. They had nothing much to say and do but their expressions always generated a feeling of respect and love for them amongst the audiences. Well reelworld misses this character from the contemporary films and pays a tribute to all those actors who had somewhere in their career played the role convincingly.


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